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LED 5000 - Crafted to stay cool

Our LED Floodlight 5000 is our newest lighting innovation. It is made of an innovative plastic component in a special housing design and stainless steel casing. A heat conductive system made of plastic that will meet more than your requirements. DNV GL approved.

Duration: 2,22 min.

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The WISKA installation box: More than eighty years of know-how in one box

Good ideas are born in more than one head - that is what we believe.  For the development of the new WISKA installation boxes we have therefore worked closely with electricians. The result is the relaunch of our successfull classic: An adapted design that offers a wide range of mounting options, a unique design allowing installations on uneven surfaces as well as our lid retaining clip. The new KA series convinces with its many features and is an original in every respect.

Duration: 2,04 min.

More information about the WISKA installation box

Elevated strain relief with the MARATHON

With the development of the MARATHON we present to you a cable gland with especially high strain relief. Profit from our long-standing expertise in the twin-shot production technique. Our engineers have used their know-how to develop an entirely new and smart design.

Duration: 1,50 min.

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Cable protection with BraceGLAND by WISKA

Cable Protection with BraceGLAND by WISKA

The development and production of premium plastic components has been one of WISKA‘s key strengths for decades. With the Brace system, we are adding cable protection to our range.

The new BraceGLAND is a non-metallic fitting, developed and produced in-house at WISKA, fulfilling the strictest international quality standards. Thanks to its 360° clasp mechanism, this product is easy and safe to install: Insert the conduit, close the clasp mechanism, and it is ready to use! The conduit is already securely in place, sealed water tight and impervious to slipping out.

Duration: 2,28 min.

More information about the Brace System  

CONMAXX - Cable entry system and divided retrofit gland

Modular cable entry and divided retrofit cable gland for cabinet applications and pre-fabricated cables and wires

WISKA is introducing a cable entry system and a divided cable gland especially designed for switchboard installations: CONMAXX. The innovative 3-component modular system offers customers a whole new dimension of flexibility.

Duration: 3,24 min.

More information about CONMAXX

CCTV Maritime Camera Surveillance

WISKA CCTV camera systems have been developed for the toughest maritime environmental conditions. They are ideally suited for effective and successful use in interior and exterior areas of sea-going ships; for the timely discovery of attacks by pirates; in Zone 1 explosion-prone areas and for off-shore wind platforms.

Duration: 3,29 min.

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LED Multi-purpose luminaire 4000

Maintence-free. Time-saving. Robust.

With the LED multi-purpose luminaire 4000, WISKA has developed the perfect lighting solution for use in the maritime industry and the offshore sector. The innovative luminaire is GL certified and, like all WISKA products, stands for the highest “made in Germany” quality.

Duration: 2,48 min.

More information about LED MPL 4000

COMBI Junction Boxes presents new COMBI 407

In our new COMBI video you can learn in detail about all COMBI advantages. In the 3-D-animation get to know more about e. g. the innovative IP 68 SET and diverse installation options of our COMBI-series.

Duration: 4,39 min.

CLIXX - The faster cable gland

The patented CLIXX concept is the alternative to standard cable glands - thanks to its time savings in assembly of up to 75 % and its easy handling in tight spaces.

Duration: 1,06 min.

More information about CLIXX

The principle breathing - VentGLAND® Cable Glands

In addition to standard protection from water and dust VentGLAND® cable glands by WISKA also ensure that installations are protected from damage by condensation. The liquid-tight, breathable ePTFE membrane installed in the cable gland equalizes pressure differences, thus avoiding damage such as corrosion and short circuiting.

Duration: 2,40 min.

More information about Venting

VentGLAND® Cable Glands

The VentGLAND® cable gland from WISKA minimizes condensation problems in enclosures. Its integrated ePTFE membrane lets the enclosure breathe and equalizes pressure differences which often occur especially in enclosures with high protection degree outdoor. VentGLAND® saves expensive maintenance work and meets with IP 68 / 69K. It is part of the WISKA SPRINT cable gland system -- and compatible with all components and suitable to most varied applications.

Duration: 2,18 min.

More information about Venting

SPRINT Cable Glands

The modular SPRINT cable gland system from WISKA includes components made of polyamide, brass and stainless steel. Different variations of cap nuts and fittings can be combined with a wide range of sealing inserts. By this, SPRINT cable glands, besides standard applications, also meet with special requirements such as low temperatures, EMC, pressure equalization or explosion-proof safely with IP 68/69K.

Duration: 5,21 min.

More information about SPRINT

Installation of COMBI Junction Boxes

The typical WISKA COMBI junction boxes are identified by their bellied cover and therefore extraordinary interior installation space. The combination of membrane and thread cable entries and the captive lid screws ensure an easy assembly and installation.

More information about WISKA COMBI

Membrane Cable Entries

The WISKA membrane cable entries QUIXX and CLIXX allow for an easy assembly and cable entry at IP 66 and IP 66/67. QUIXX can be assembled as a plug in or by a thread, CLIXX moreover offers strain relief and is assembled by only clipping in. The cable is directly inserted through the membrane.

Duration: 2,45 min.

More information about WISKA QUIXX and CLIXX

EMC Cable Glands

To avoid electromagnetic disturbances and to guarantee highest safety, WISKA cable glands offer reliable solutions with 360° protection, whether with earthing cones or contact spring insert.

Duration: 2,59 min.

More information about WISKA EMC

EMC - Earth clamp for steel wired armour cables

Whether for private or industrial use, demands on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) are increasing every day. Protection against interacting electrical devices is ideally considered already when planning a plant. In terms of protection measures, the cable gland is playing a decisive role.

Duration: 1,30 min.

More information about WISKA EMC

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